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The Register
Santa Ana, California

May 4, 1974

Orange Film House To Go Legitimate

ORANGE - The rehabilitation of the old Orange Theatre as a legitimate theater is now in progress.

The former vaudeville house which at one time was a unit of the Pantages Circuit, will be given a new lease on life, and will be called the Orange Playhouse, bringing to Orange County residents Broadway plays, drama, comedy and musicals, starring performers in theater, television and motion pictures.

The playhouse will present 32 weeks of legitimate stage, plus an additional 20 weeks of concerts, civic and community function, and some closed circuit TV schedules, if available.

Producers Al Edwards and Chris Ryan have been considering Dom Deluise, Maclane Stevenson, Bill Bixby, Sally Struthers, Lorrita Swift, and others to star in such productions as "Last of the Red Hot Lovers." "Born Yesterday," "Owl and the Pussycat," and "Promises."

Improvements to be made in the new Orange Playhouse include general renovation but retention of the art nouveau design of the marquee, moving the front entrance to the original sidewalk frontage, in order to add the present outdoor foyer to the interior; turning the old movie house popcorn and candy [unreadable] into a smart bar; and re-carpeting in the original mode of the 30's.

Other improvements include rebuilding the stage, new mechanical features with modern stage lighting, and a complete remodeling of the dressing room area beneath the stage.

A lavish new curtain, and interior painting will carry out a brown and gold color theme to set off the original mica chandelier in the main auditorium. Also reminiscent of the past is the origi... [unreadable, but believe it refers to the pipe organ] ...eved to be one of the three of its kind in existence. Beveled plate glass mirrors on the stair landings, will also be retained as part of the décor of bygone years.


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