The Orange County Register
Santa Ana, California

March 24, 1994
Theater Section

Playhouse Seeks Second Stage
Pasadena group interested in Orange church's building

By Anne M. Peterson

City officials confirmed the Pasadena Playhouse is interested in opening a second stage in Orange.

"It's much more than a rumor," said Jack McGee, the city's community development director. "They are interested and still would be interested if the offer is right."

City officials responded to comments made last week by Nancy Magliato of the Son Light Christian Center downtown, who said she has heard rumors that playhouse officials want to buy the church's building.

Magliato said the church, a downtown mainstay for 18 years, is not interested in moving.

"We would listen to an offer but it would have to meet our needs," she said. "No one ever approached us with details. We feel somebody is waiting on the sidelines rubbing their hands waiting for us to move."

Pasadena Playhouse officials could not be reached for comment.

"It would be very expensive to move Son Light," McGee said. "There is interest on the city's part in putting life in downtown. But there is no on-going conversation to move them (Son Light)."

Pasadena Playhouse officials informally met with city staff members in December and discussed a possible move to Orange.

"We add to the community," Magliato said. "We're very happy where we're at. We will be here for a while. I want to put to rest any rumor that we are selling our building."

McGee said any conversations with playhouse officials are preliminary.

Councilwoman Joanne Coontz said nothing has formally been presented to the City Council.

"I am always concerned because this entire council should know," she said. "We're not interested in shoving anyone out the door."


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