Little Old Testament Stories
The Man Who Was a Friend of God
     The Story of Two Oxen
     The First Garden
     Elisha's Kind Friends
     The Baby Who Lived in a Tent
     People Who Found Fault with God
     The Story of a Boy's Coat
     The Baby in the Strange Cradle
     Why Naaman Washed in the Jordan
     The First House Boat, the Ark

      How God's People Lived Long Ago
     God Answers a Servant's Prayer
     The Boy Who Lived in God's House
     The Boy Who Heard God's Voice
     What God's People Found
     Where God's People Rested
     Why God's People Left Their Homes
     The Strange Tower at Babel
     When Fire Came Down from the Sky
     A Girl Who Helped Her Father
     When Water Flowed out of a Rock


    Little New Testament Stories
When Angels Talked with Men
     The Baby Who Slept in a Barn
     The Children's Friend
     How God Helped a Shepherd Boy
     The Story of a Fisherman
     Lazarus, the Beggar Man
     The Child Timothy and His Mother
     How Jesus Healed the Nobleman's Son
     What Jesus Found in a Tree
     Why we have Christmas Day
     Jesus Helped a Poor Mother


    Old Testament Stories
     Adam & Eve


    New Testament Stories
     The Nativity
     The Wise Men Come
     The Presentation at the Temple
     The Boy Jesus and the Teachers


          Poems & Prayers
     The Twelve Disciples of Jesus
     A Morning Prayer
     Grace at Table
     An Evening Prayer




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