When Angels Talked with Men

Luke 2:8-14


Heaven is the beautiful place where God lives. The shining angels live with him, too. They love God, and sing songs of joy before him night and day. They never grow tired, and are never unwilling to sing. 

Sometimes the angels do errands for God. Sometimes they visit this world and help God's people who are in trouble There is no trouble in heaven. Everything is beautiful, and everybody is happy. 

Because heaven is such a beautiful place God wanted the people who live in this world to find the way that leads there. He wanted them to know that he loves them. He wanted them to come some day and live always with him. 

But the people could not come. They had sin in their hearts, and sin would not let them come. They needed a Savior to take the sin away and show them how to find God. Jesus came to be the Savior. 

The angels were glad when Jesus came to save people from their sins. There was much joy in heaven. Some of the angels came to earth to tell men the glad news. They sang their joyful song in the sky, and some men who were shepherds heard them. They heard one of the angels tell where Jesus was. And they, too, were glad.


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