Why we have Christmas Day


Once each year there comes a day called your birthday. On that same day several years ago - perhaps four, or five, or six - you were born.  Always that day will be remembered in your home, even when you are no longer just a child. 

Jesus, our dear Savior, has a birthday, too. When he came to this world he was born as a wee baby, just as you were. He snuggled close in his mother's arms, just as you did. 

Because we love Jesus we remember his birthday once each year. We think that his birthday is much happier than our own. We remember on that day how God gave dear Jesus to be our Savior, and we, too, give gifts of love. We call that day Christmas. 

In other lands, where people do not know about Jesus, there is no Christmas.  There is no Christmas joy. There are no Christmas gifts. Only where Jesus is known is the gladness of his birthday felt.  Aren't you glad you know Jesus and celebrate his birthday?

Just as surely as December
Comes, we always then remember
Jesus' birthday; then we know
Jesus came to be our King,
And glad Christmas joy to bring.


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