The Twelve Disciples of Jesus


Along the shore of Galilee
Four humble fisherman we see;

And now we learn to speak their names:
(1) Peter,

(2) Andrew,
(3) John, and (4) James.

When Jesus saw them by the Sea
He called to them, "Come, follow me!"

Then (5) Philip learned the Lord to know,
And with him anywhere to go;

Next (6) Matthew heard the Savior call,
And gladly rose, forsaking all.

Another man, (7) Bar-thol-o-mew,
Heard Jesus call, and followed, too.

Brave (8)Thomas also had a place
With those who looked on Jesus' face.

Four other men with names we know
Were friends of Jesus long ago;

Their names are
(9) Simon,
(10) Judas, and

His brother, (11) James, then he who planned

To sell the Lord - oh, what a shame!
(12) Judas Iscariot is his name.


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