The First Garden

Genesis 2:8-17


When the earth on which we live was new, there were no homes on it. There were no gardens. There were no people living about anywhere. 

Then the great God who made the earth planned a beautiful spot, called the Garden of Eden. He planted trees in this garden. He caused grass to grow in it. And here and there he caused flowers to peep through the grass in bright colors. We have never seen a park so beautiful as the Garden of Eden. 

God planned that the first home on earth should be in this beautiful garden. So he placed in it the first man and the first woman whom he made. He told them to care for the garden. And he told them to eat of the good fruit, which grew on its trees, and to enjoy its beauty. 

The man and the woman, Adam and Eve, were happy in their garden home. Here they looked upon the beautiful things, which God had made. They listened to the sweet songs of the birds in the treetops. They watched the small creatures frisk about. And they watched the large animals eat the grass and herbs provided for them. 

Each day at evening time God talked to them. His voice sounded sweeter than the sweetest music that floated on the garden air.


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