Elisha's Kind Friends

II Kings 4:8-11

Elisha was a brave, good man whom God called to be his prophet. He trudged long, weary miles from one town to another in order to teach people about God. Sometimes he grew tired and hungry before he came to the next town. 

One day a kind woman saw him passing along the road in front of her house. She sent a servant to invite him in. Then she gave him some warm, freshly baked bread. 

Elisha was glad to sit down and rest. But, better still, he liked the good food which this kind woman served. And, when he rose to go he appreciated the invitation she gave him to stop for another meal the next time he should pass that way. 

Afterwards Elisha stopped often to eat lunch and to talk with the kind woman and her husband. They learned to watch for his coming and to wish that he might stay longer with them each time he came. 

Another day the kind woman said to her husband, "Let us build a room for God's prophet in which he can rest every time he comes our way. So the next time Elisha stopped there he found the nice room ready, furnished with a bed, a table, a chair, and a candlestick. And he was happy to rest there when he passed.


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