Why God's People Left Their Homes


Exodus 1:7-12:51


God's people had lived for a long time in a land that was ruled by a wicked king. This country was Egypt, and its ruler was King Pharaoh. The Egyptian people and their ruler worshiped idols. The Israelites, who were God's people, knew that the true God is not like an idol. 

By and by King Pharaoh became afraid of the Israelites because they were so many. He began to treat them cruelly. He compelled them to work very hard, and often he had them beaten because they could not do as much work as he demanded of them. 

Now the Israelites could no longer enjoy their beautiful homes in Egypt, for the king had made them unhappy and fearful of him. They knew he might be planning even more cruel ways to treat them. So they began to cry to God to help them. They believed the true God cared for them and that he could save them from the power of the wicked king. 

Then one day a man named Moses came to the Israelites and said, "God in heaven has heard your prayers. He has even seen your tears. Now he has sent me to lead you out of this land of Egypt to another country. There King Pharaoh can no longer harm you." 

The Israelites listened to Moses. They believed God had sent him to help them. So they made ready to leave their homes and to follow Moses out of Egypt. "Exodus" means going away from a place, and that is why this journey of Moses and his followers is written in the book of the Bible called Exodus.


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