Why Naaman Washed in the Jordan


2 Kings 5:1-19


We see in this story a man returning home from a long journey to a foreign land. He seems to be very excited and very eager to tell about his journey. 

This man's name is Naaman. He has been a leper. His body has been spotted with a disease called leprosy. This disease could not be cured by any doctor, and Naaman was unhappy. He did not know what to do. 

Then one day someone told Naaman about God's prophet who lived in a country near by. This prophet could make him well. 

Naaman hurried at once to find the prophet of God. When he came to the house where the prophet lived, a servant met him. This servant told him that he must go down to the river of Jordan and dip himself seven times in the water. Then he would be cured of his leprosy. 

At first Naaman did not want to obey the servant's words. He did not think that washing would cure his disease. But when his friends asked him to try this simple cure, he listened to them. He went down to the river and did just as the prophet's servant had told him to do. And he was made well. Then he knew that the God of the prophet had cured him, because he had obeyed.


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