How Jesus Healed the Nobleman's Son


John 4:46-53


A nobleman came one day to the town of Cana, looking for Jesus. He was in a great hurry, for he had come a long way and he had left a very sick boy at home. As soon as he found Jesus he began telling him about his son, and he wanted Jesus to return with him to heal the child. 

But Jesus said, "You will not believe that I can heal your son unless you see some sign." The anxious father replied, "Sir, I am not seeking for a sign. I am only begging you to come with me, for unless you heal my boy he will surely die." 

Then Jesus said, "It is not necessary for me to go with you. Return, for your son lives." 

The nobleman believed truly that his son would live, so he turned about and started towards home. As he went on his way some servants from the house came running to meet him. "Sir we bring good news to you," they said. "Your son lives." 

"When did he begin to recover?" asked the father. 

"Yesterday about this hour the fever left him, and he began to improve, "they replied. 

The nobleman answered, "Yesterday about this hour I was talking with Jesus. He told me that my son would live, and I believed his words. Now I know that he has healed the lad."  And he believed then that Jesus is the Son of God.


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