God Answers a Servant's Prayer


Genesis 24:1-27

Rebecca lived in a town where people had to carry water to their homes from a city well. The young girls were taught to carry pitchers on their heads. They filled the pitchers with water at this well. It seems that only women were water-carriers in that place. Every evening they went to the well and drew enough water to fill their pitchers. Then they carried them home on their heads, without spilling a drop. 

One evening Abraham's servant came to this well, tired and thirsty. He had traveled a long way across desert country with his master's camels. For Abraham had sent him to find a wife for his son, Isaac. 

The servant prayed, "Lord, send to this well the young woman whom you choose to become Isaac's wife. Let her be the one whom I shall ask for a drink. And may she offer to draw water for my camels, also." 

While he was praying Rebecca came down to the well and filled her pitcher. He ran to meet her and asked for a drink. She cheerfully lowered her pitcher and said, "Drink, my lord." When he had drunk she added, "I will draw water for the camels, too." 

Abraham's servant then learned that Rebecca's people were the ones whom his master had sent him to visit. So he bowed his head and thanked God for answering his prayer.


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