The Boy Who Lived in God's House

I Samuel 1:28

When Samuel was a small boy his mother, Hannah, brought him to the house of the Lord, in Shiloh. The high priest, Eli, lived there. She told Eli that she was bringing her little boy as a gift to the Lord. She wanted him to live in the Lord's house. She wanted him to learn how to do the work that pleased God. 

Eli, the high priest, was kind to little Samuel. He taught him how to do many useful things. He told him much about God. Samuel helped the minister keep the Lord's house clean and beautiful. Every day there was something to do. He carried the oil for the lamps. He kept the bowls and dishes clean. 

One night Samuel heard a voice calling his name. He thought it was Eli's voice, and ran to him. But Eli had not called. When Samuel returned to his bed, he heard the voice again. And again he thought Eli must have been calling for him. By and by he found out that God was calling instead of Eli. Then he lay still in his bed and listened while God talked to him. 

When Samuel grew to be a man, many people loved him. They knew he was a good man. They knew he tried to please God. And they listened when he told them about God. When they were in trouble, they came to him. And he asked God to help them. God heard his prayers and showed much kindness to the people because he had prayed.


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