The Child Timothy and His Mother


2 Timothy 3:14-15  


"Tell me a story, Mother," said Timothy one day; 
"Much rather would I listen than run about and play." 
Then did that gentle mother a story true retell
Which he had heard so often, and learned to love so well. 

Timothy was a very small boy when his mother began to tell him stories from God's Book. She told him about the little baby Moses, whose mother put him to sleep in a cradle by the riverside. She told him about the boy Samuel, who heard God's voice. She told him, too, about David, the shepherd boy who killed a bear one day. And she told him about Daniel, that good old man who was not afraid of the hungry lions. She told him many other stories from God's Book. 

Timothy liked to hear the stories from God's Book. He knew they were true stories. He knew that Moses, and Samuel, and David, and Daniel were real people. He believed that God took care of them because they loved him. And because he loved God he believed that God would take care of him, too. 

When Timothy grew to be a man he learned much more about God's love. Then one day he told his dear mother good-by and went far away to teach other people about the Lord. He became helper to the apostle, Paul.


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