The Man Who Was a Friend of God

Genesis 11:31


 In the long-ago time there lived a man named Abraham. The people then knew little about the true God. Many of them bowed down and prayed to other things. Some of them prayed to the moon, and some to the sun. They believed these were gods whom they should worship. 

In the home city of Abraham the people worshiped the moon-god. They called the name of the moon-god "Ur." And in honor of their god they named their city "Ur." 

Abraham's neighbors and friends worshiped the moon-god But Abraham believed that the God who made the moon was the only true God, and he would not pray to the moon-god as they did. He prayed to the same God whom we worship today. He wanted to obey God's commands. 

Abraham had no Bible to tell him about God's love. There were no Bibles in that long-ago time. Then God spoke to people who would listen to hear his voice. Abraham listened, and God talked to him. He told Abraham many things. And Abraham always believed God. This pleased God well. 

Because Abraham listened to God's voice and believed God's words, he was called the "friend of God." He lived to be an old man, and to enjoy many good things, which God gave to him.


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