The Children's Friend

Mark 10:13-16


A long, long time ago people did not know much about God. They thought he was far away, up in the sky where the lightning flashes and the thunder rolls. Many of them were afraid of him. But all the while God loved them and wanted them to know him better. 

By and by he sent his dear Son, Jesus, to teach people about his love. Jesus came as a baby. After a while he grew to be a man. Then he began to show how much his heavenly Father cared for men and women, and boys and girls. He showed how willing his heavenly Father is to help people who are in trouble. 

One day some mothers brought their children to Jesus. They wanted him to speak to them and to place his hands on their little heads in blessing. Jesus was glad to do this. He took some of the children in his arms. Others came near and clung to him, too. They knew that he was their Friend, and that he loved them. 

Although Jesus went back to live again with his heavenly Father, he still loves children. He still delights to have them come to him. They cannot look upon his kind face now, but he can see them. He can hear them when they pray. And because he loves them he gives them many blessings.


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