How God Helped a Shepherd Boy


I Samuel 17:34-37


Davidís father had a flock of fine sheep. At night he kept them locked up in a sheepfold. In the daytime he let them wander about through the green fields and pasture lands. Wild animals lived in the woods near by. So David's father sent a man along to watch the sheep and keep the wild animals from hurting them. 

Little David liked to help tend the sheep. As he grew older, sometimes his father would let him care for them all by himself. He was a brave boy. He believed God would make him a good shepherd. 

Out in the fields day after day, little David grew healthy and strong. His cheeks grew rosy and his eyes grew sparkling bright, like the clear waters of the brook where the sheep went to drink. He learned how to use the shepherd's staff as well as a slingshot. 

By and by David grew to be a young man. Then he tended the sheep all alone. One day while he was watching the sheep a bear came out of the woods and stole a little lamb. David ran after the bear and killed it. Then he carried the frightened little lamb back to its mother. At another time a hungry lion came out of the woods to harm the sheep, and David killed the lion, too. He could do these deeds because God had made him strong.


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