When Fire Came Down from the Sky


1 Kings 18:17-39


 High up on a mountain stood an old man named Elijah. With him were many other people. These people had been praying to an idol, called Baal. They had quit serving the true God. 

Elijah was God's prophet. He would not pray to Baal. He; knew that idols cannot help people, not even if the people pray to them. 

Many of Baal's prophets were on the mountain, too. And Elijah said to them: "Build an altar here and place a present on it for your god, Baal. If your god will send fire to burn up your present, let the people pray to him. If my God sends fire to burn up the present on my altar, then let the people pray to my God." 

So Baal's prophets built an altar. And they placed a present on it. Then they prayed to their idol to send fire to burn up the present. But no fire came. All day they prayed. Still their god did not answer, because he was not God. Then Elijah prayed. And God sent fire down from heaven to burn up his present. 

When the people saw the fire on the altar which Elijah had built, they cried, "The Lord, he is the God." And they bowed down to worship the true God.             


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