The First House Boat, the Ark  


Genesis 7, 8

In the first house boat that ever floated on the water lived an old man named Noah. With him were his wife and his three sons and their wives. 

God had told Noah to build this house boat, or ark. A great flood was coming on the earth, God had said. And he wanted Noah and his sons to make their homes in the ark until the flood should be past. 

Noah believed God's word, and began at once to build the ark. When everything was finished, God sent animals and birds to the door of the ark. These Noah and his sons took inside and put in their places. Then God shut the door. 

Afterwards there was a great rain, and water covered all the earth. Noah's house boat, or ark, rose from the ground and floated about on the water for many days. The people and the animals inside were safe and dry, for God was watching over them. 

By and by the great rain ended. Then the sun shone out brightly. The winds blew and the waters lowered. And one day the ark rested on the ground again. When the ground became dry God spoke again to Noah. He told him to take his family and leave the ark. The time had come when they might build their homes on the land once more.


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