Jesus Helped a Poor Mother


Luke 7:11-18


One day Jesus met a poor woman who was in trouble. She was weeping bitterly because her only son had just died.  Her neighbors were now taking his body to be buried, and she was walking behind. 

Jesus felt sorry for this poor woman. He knew how much she had loved her boy.  He knew how lonely she would feel without him.  He knew how carefully she had watched over him while he lay sick, and how she had wanted him well. But he had died. 

When Jesus saw this mother's tears, he said, "Do not weep." He then stepped up to the men who were carrying the dead body, and they stood still. All the neighbors and friends of the poor woman stood still, too, for they knew something wonderful might happen. They had heard about Jesus before. They knew he had great power.  Now, while they listened, Jesus said to the dead body, "Young man, arise. 

As soon as Jesus spoke those words, life came -back into the dead body, and the young man sat up. He looked about and began to speak.  Those who saw him knew that he was alive again. Jesus then brought him to his mother, who had been weeping. How happy she felt because her dear son was alive once more! 


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